Buying Meat in Bulk

I often field a lot of questions around this topic so I thought I would put together my thoughts on why the concept of buying in bulk works when it comes to our Organic Angus beef.

Buying in bulk simply means purchasing a large quantity (a side, or a quarter) from a farmer and taking all the cuts that come with that portion of the animal or carcass as it is commonly called. There are many benefits to both the customer and the farmer. Let’s start with the customer.

When you buy in bulk, you get the best price and that is top of mind for everyone. You get the best price because I know from the time you order that I don’t have to find a home for portions of that animal that you don’t want. You also get a tremendous variety of cuts. As we continue to re-discover food and cooking as a family, this means that you are able to try out new dishes instead of the same old staples. Oddly enough, some of the secondary cuts of beef are the most flavourful. Brisket anyone? This tough muscle when properly cooked is to die for, as is flank steak or shank bones (osso bucco).

As a customer, buying in bulk also lets you get your purchasing out of the way for the next few months. Now you can skip the meat isle knowing that you have delicious beef, pork or chicken waiting at home. It’s very easy to put a roast in the crock-pot before leaving for work and come home to a delicious meal in the evening. You will need to make sure you have freezer space organized for a bulk purchase though. Freezers with dividers are my favourite. They help keep you organized and minimize the chances of discovering mystery packages of meat two years later.

Buying in bulk helps out farmers because we get to use our time more efficiently. As mentioned previously, I know that I have that whole side, quarter or large package sold and that saves me time and inventory space. Young farmers like myself often wear different hats. I am the person who delivers your beef and pork but I am also the one who goes home to feed the cows so anything I can do to make deliveries more efficient is valuable to me.

Understanding the benefits of bulk buying helps us both out. In closing, the more we can meet in the middle, as farmers and customers, while understanding each other’s needs, the better off we all are.

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