Honoured to be part of CK Table

It has been a whirlwind last 6 months for us here at Clear Creek.  Julie and I welcomed a new son Beau into the world, our family’s herd of Certified Organic Angus cows is expanding and as always, work around the farm with my brother Carl, and father never seems to stop.  However, as I sit down and write this on an August evening, we have lots to be thankful for.

One of those things to be most thankful for is the friends and partners you meet in the beef and local food movement.  It truly seems as if we are at a Tipping Point as Malcom Gladwell would say with regards to people reconnecting with the food on their tables and the friends and family that they share a meal with at home. When the folks at CK Table asked us to be a part of their special event promoting sustainable agriculture, local food and tourism, we were honoured and just looking to help out.  What has grown out of that however is truly remarkable. Watch this video clip below and share it with all of your friends in your own social circles.  But most importantly, stay tuned because we have some more big news coming shortly!


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