How is our beef different?

  1. Clear Creek Angus beef is Organic.
  2. Our beef is 100 % purebred Angus and registered with the Canadian Angus Association. You are buying 100 % Black Angus beef not 1/2 Angus or beef that looks like it might be Angus. We have the documentation to prove its authenticity.
  3. We do not buy in steers from other farmers to finish as organic. All the beef we sell was raised from birth on our farm and in our pastures.
  4. We buy top quality Angus bulls to ensure that we are producing the best Angus possible. The last 3 bulls that we have purchased averaged over $6000 while the industry average for bull purchases in Ontario would be around $2000.
  5. Clear Creek cattle are not treated with growth hormones.
  6. When you purchase Angus beef from us, you are buying beef from one animal not a mix of multiple animals from multiple farms.
  7. Because we are dedicated to raising top quality Angus beef, we are able to finish cattle at roughly 18 months of age. This ensures that our young beef is tender and flavourful.
  8. Aging beef is an important step needed to produce tender beef. We age our beef for at least 21 days before it is packaged for you.
  9. We feed our cattle top quality forages and grains. Our animals are not fed by-products.
  10. We deal directly with you the customer.  Relationships matter to us.