We do not have an online ordering system. In order to ensure that you get the package that is right for you, we would like to talk with you over the phone or through email.  Most of our customers purchase our beef by the side or quarter. This is by far the most economical way to purchase our Angus beef. Currently, our sides and quarters are priced at $6.95 per pound based on the hanging weight of the animal. If you would like more of a custom order or you are only interested in certain cuts, please see our price list for both packages and cuts below.

Beef Packages
Our Beef Packages

Premium Cuts
Our Retail Cut List

Organic Chicken

Our Non GMO free-range chickens are sold as whole birds.  They are currently priced at $4.90 per pound.  Please contact Chris for more information.  We are currently sold out of chicken.

Free Range Pork

We also raise free-range non-GMO pork.  We sell the pork in 1/3, 1/2 or whole hog options.  The pork includes chops, bacon, sausage, roasts, hams etc.